Moving is difficult even if you are moving from one residence to another in the same city. You have to think about so many things. Hiring a moving company is just one of the decisions you face. Fort Worth Movers is here to help with your local move.
What Is a Local Move?

Before you decide what moving company you hire, you need to know what is meant by a local move. If you want to move, your destination and pick up location have to be fewer than 20 miles apart for it to be considered a local move. Even 20 miles can be daunting when you consider all that has to be done prior to a move. Fort Worth Movers specializes in moves within the Fort Worth area. We understand local moves. We work hard to make sure your valuables make it from one place to the other. We use local crew to handle your local move. However, a local move doesn’t mean a shabby move. We provide the same care and expertise on our local moves that we provide on our other moves.

What Are the Reasons for Local Moves?

People move for a number of reasons, especially locally. Here are some reasons that might match your reasons that you want to move locally.

1. Move to a bigger residence. You might live in an apartment and are buying a house for the first time. You might be a growing family and need extra space. Your house might be small and you want a bigger place or a nice yard out back. Moving into a bigger residence is a common reason why people decide to move locally.
2. Move to a smaller residence. The opposite could be true. You might need less space. Your children might be grown and you need less room. You might be getting older and don’t want a big place to clean. Those going through a divorce often have to sell their big place and move into something smaller. Moving from a big place to a small place is another reason for a local move.
3. You are on your own. You might need to move locally if you recently found your first place after living with your parents. You might have lost a roommate and can’t afford the rent, so you need a different location. You might have just got a job in this city and want a place of your own.
4. You are getting a divorce. Local moves are common among people going through a divorce. Either one or both of the spouses decide they want to live apart and have to make sure their stuff make it to the new location.
5. You come into some income. You might want to hire a moving company if you find yourself with an inheritance, an influx of new income or winnings from the lottery or something. If you have extra cash, you might want to move to a different location.
6. You lose income. If you lost your job or a loved one, you might be facing a financial crunch. Because of this, you will want to move to a cheaper place.

How Are Local Moves Conducted?

While all moves at Fort Worth Movers are handled similarly, you can expect procedures to be different if you are moving within 20 miles. All furniture is wrapped in blankets. Glass is protected so it doesn’t break. We use the right paper, packaging materials and tools to break down your furniture and reassemble them. The time we spend on the truck loading and unloading your belongings is less compared to a long-distance move. We use local crews to handle your belongings for both the loading and unloading, usually the same people on both ends.Before moving day, you will meet with our estimator who will calculate the weight of the furniture and the distance needed to give you a cost. Then, a main contact person will direct the crew to pick up your belongings and get them safely to your new place. If you have any questions, you will be given a phone number of the person in charge and the main person at Fort Worth Movers who will assist you in the office.On moving day, paperwork will be signed, boxes and furniture will be loaded and unloaded, and your belongings will be put back together in the least amount of time possible. We strive to make the transition smooth.

How Much Do Local Moves Cost?

Fort Worth Movers are competitive and fair with our estimates. We base the price on the number of items being moved, the distance traveled and the weight of the total package. We add extra fees for packing and unpacking, supplying shipping materials and incidentals that aren’t included in the estimate. These extra fees are usually optional and do not have be added to your bill if you choose not to include them.

Do you need to move locally? Call Fort Worth Movers, 682-200-2239, today for more information. We are here to help you move your local residence!

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