When you are moving, Fort Worth Movers recommends that you use a checklist. This list would tell you the things you need to do prior to moving day and keep you on track for your move. With these to-do lists, you will not forget to accomplish a task. These tasks are designed to make your transition run more smoothly.

If you follow this plan, you are sure to have a safe and easy move. You must start as soon as possible.

Eight weeks prior to moving day
• Look for the right moving company. You can ask family and friends, search online and seek reviews to know who you need. Fort Worth Movers is happy to answer your questions when you are researching.
• Visit the government website, protectyourmove.gov, so you can be aware of your rights and responsibilities when dealing with a moving company. Fort Worth Movers follows all regulations and standards to serve you.
• Ask prospective moving companies what insurance is included and check your homeowners’ policy to see what it covers. Fort Worth Movers provides the right insurance for your move.
• Locate banks, doctors and schools in your new city. Collect your paperwork you need to set up new accounts in the new place.
Seven weeks prior to moving day
• Ask at least three companies to give you estimates in writing. You want the estimator to come to your home to assess your property properly. Fort Worth Movers always sends an estimator to your doorstep.
• Keep track of your paperwork. You can use either a binder or folder. Put the estimates in there and other move-related documents that are needed.
• Keep a record of the businesses that need a change of address for you. The U.S. Postal Service helps you with this task with its change of address packets. Don’t forget to list your online accounts too.
Six weeks before you move
• Clear out the junk. Go through your closets, cabinets, garage and basement to get rid of what you don’t want to move or need. You can sell the stuff, donate the stuff to charity or toss into the trash can. When the closets are done, start to assess items room by room. This will reduce the number of boxes you need.
• If you have children, work with the current and future school to transfer school records and make plans for a smooth transition.
• Begin packing items that aren’t used frequently. Seasonal items, rarely used gadgets, and items stored in the attic or basement are a good place to start.
Five weeks before you move
• Tackle the food in your pantry or freezer. While you need to keep eating for the next five weeks, you can eliminate old spices, cake mixes, canned goods, etc. that have been in your house for a long time. Refrain from doing too much grocery shopping or buying in bulk before the move.
• Tell your friends and family about the move. You can send them an electronic mail with your new contact information if you know it. You can send a post card, or you can keep your phone number and have them contact you that way.
• Purchase or recycle moving supplies including boxes, packing material, tape, labels, and box cutters. Remember to order specialty items like dish boxes, wardrobe boxes, and mattress bags if your mover is not supplying them. You don’t have to purchase your boxes, though. You can find a number of ways to get the boxes you need without buying them. You can ask appliance stores for their boxes, You can reuse boxes from items shipped to you. Research ways to be green in your move.
• Figure out a box-labeling system. You can use color-coded labels, number the boxes or some other method. Keep a master list of all contents in all your boxes so you know if something goes missing. Fort Worth Movers ensures that you will not lose any items that we pack for you or put on our truck. We keep a checklist for you.
• Make a room-by-room packing schedule and start packing!
Four weeks before you move
• Fill out an official change-of-address form with the U.S. Post Office.
• Send notices to those businesses and services you identified earlier with new contact information.
• Ask for leave from your job so you can handle the days surrounding your move and schedule a babysitter if needed.
• Finalize the paperwork and make sure you have enough insurance and the right insurance to cover your valuables.
Three weeks prior to moving day
• Cancel all subscriptions and set up delivery in your new neighborhood.
• Separate the items you know will not be sent on the truck. These include valuables, family heirlooms, materials in your garage that aren’t allowed to go on the truck and special items. Make a plan for transporting them by hand or via a trackable shipping service with insurance.
• Do an inventory of your items and videotape or photograph them to ensure you will know if they go missing. Note any existing scratches, dings or damage to your furniture in case you have to file a claim later. Fort Worth Movers is extra careful with your furniture. We do what is necessary to make sure you don’t have any scratches from our crew or our trucks and equipment.
Two weeks prior to moving day
• Keep packing. Don’t wait until the last minute.
• Double-check your paperwork.
• Put together a packet for the new owners of your home with any warranties, vendor recommendations, and a note with your contact information in case they have questions or need to forward your mail.
• If you are moving major appliances, make sure that they’re cleaned, unplugged and ready to go. Freezers need to be defrosted, and you may need a professional to disconnect gas lines on particular appliances.
• Fill prescriptions and make sure that everyone has packed medications they need in their suitcase.
• Withdraw cash for incidentals, such as food while you have no refrigerator and other expenses as they arise.
One week before your set out on your new adventure
• Contact utilities. Schedule for turn off and turn on dates. You will want to turn them off one day prior to your move and turn them on in the new location one day before your arrive.
• Take hazardous materials to your local landfill to dispose of them properly dispose of them..
• Make your last stop to the local charity to donate or trash the remaining items.
• Back up all computers and have a plan in place for checking e-mail and paying bills online while your computer is in transit. Fort Worth Movers promises to protect your computers and data, but having backups are always a good idea.
• Get each family member to pack a suitcase like they are going on a two-week vacation. Remember all toiletries and comfortable clothes for unpacking.
• Check in with your moving company one last time and confirm that everyone is on the same page. Reconfirm the moving-day arrival time as well as cell phone numbers and last-minute details. Fort Worth Movers gives you all necessary contact information and let you speak with one representative throughout the process.
• Hire a cleaning company to clean after the movers leave and to clean your carpets. .
• Celebrate the memories you’ve made in your home and get ready to start a new chapter in your life.

You can add items to this list. Fort Worth Movers provides a general list that applies to most moves. However, we understand that everyone has unique issues. Your checklist should include those items as well. We work with you throughout the process and even after it is completed. You can call us with questions. Let’s get you started today. Call for a free estimate, 682-200-2239.