All types of commercial businesses exist today. If company leaders need to move these commercial establishments, they will have to ensure their moving company understands their unique challenges and problems. Each type of business has specific problems and situations on moving day. For example, research facilities have to ensure their data and materials are not compromised. They also need to carefully move anything that might be alive. Computer chip manufacturers have plenty of tiny equipment that must remain static-free and clean. To move these businesses, you need to pick a company with experience in commercial moves, specifically in your industry. Fort Worth Movers has the knowledge and skills to undertake your commercial move.

What Is Commercial Moving?

To be considered a commercial move versus an office or retail move, you have to be located on commercial property, on industrial property, at medical centers, in hotels, on farm land, at multifamily housing projects and warehouses. Each of these presents moving challenges that we are able to address.

If you are located on commercial property, but you are not offices, we can take care of you. For example, if you need to move your printing location to a new commercial property with more square footage, we will take care with your printers and chemicals. We carefully wrap all furniture, and provide special boxes for printers and equipment. We spend time listening to your needs and find a solution to address them.

Industrial properties often have hazardous waste and special equipment that need to be moved. We follow Environmental Protection Agency and Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations for hazardous materials moving. If we can’t move it, we will let you know who can. We are here to help you get from point A to point B. We understand moving from one industrial place to another can be daunting because of all the regulations. Therefore, we work with you to make it run smoothly. Fort Worth Movers is up-to-date on the laws regarding moving these items.

Medical centers have to ensure data is kept private while in transit and equipment is handled without ruining it. Medical equipment is sensitive. Fort Worth Movers understands that can’t treat your million-dollar machines like they are a cheap bookcase. We do everything we can to ensure your medical equipment survives the trip across town or across states. We keep private your data, and work with you on the special issues associated with medical center moving.

When a hotel closes and opens a new location, we know you have much to consider. Hotels have much more furniture than a residential move. You have special items, such as pool cleaners and poles, plus computers and televisions. We at Fort Worth Movers is ready to serve hotels with their commercial moving.
To move a farm takes knowledge of tractors and big items. We work with the commercial operation to ensure their farm equipment is moved safely without hurting the movers or others. Fort Worth Movers knows that Texas has a lot of ranches that might need to be moved. We have the experience and will serve your farm well.

How Much Does Commercial Moving Cost?

Fort Worth Movers works with the commercial property owner or tenant when moving their equipment. We negotiate a fair price based on the amount of special handling we have to do or the extra regulations we have to follow. Like any move, the cost is based on the services provided, the weight of the materials and the distance to be traveled from one location to another.

What Is Involved to Move a Commercial Property?

• Like all moves, you first have to get quotes from reputable moving companies. You have to compare services and prices.

• When you have chosen your mover, you must be in constant contact with the moving company.

• When you pick Fort Worth Movers, we send out an estimator who sits down with you to understand what you need moved, when you need it moved and what special handling is required.

• We then create a game plan for the move and provide you with a checklist.

• You should keep to the schedule and follow the checklist because it will help you to not forget certain items that must be done prior, during and after the move.

• On moving day, we will pick up your materials, wrap them according to your special instructions, and safely load them. We will unload on the other end.

Therefore, you can trust Fort Worth Movers for your commercial moves. If you need to relocate your business, call Fort Worth Movers at 682-200-2239 today!