Stores are constantly opening and closing. Where do you find that moving company that is experienced in moving retail establishments? You should consider Fort Worth Movers. We have moved retail stores from a mall to a shopping center for many years. We can help you with your move.

What Do We Move?

Retail establishments have inventory, showcases, expensive jewelry or accessories, registers and more. Fort Worth Movers will take care of your products, equipment and counters with expertise and skills. We will sit down with you and find out from you what you plan to bring to the new store. We move what you want us to move.

Inventory Handling Is Special

For retailers, if your inventory gets damaged you can’t sell it. You would be taking a loss if you can’t sell your merchandise. Therefore, Fort Worth Movers handles your inventory carefully. We do what is necessary to ensure your product line makes it to the new store or warehouse depending on where you are moving your products.

Fort Worth Movers knows that different products require different handling. For example, clothing is packaged one way while sports equipment is packaged another. We make sure our crew are trained in the type of store you are or the special merchandise you want them to handle. We treat televisions and appliances differently than we do movies or music. Regardless of what your merchandise is, we will handle your inventory appropriately so all of it make it to the new store without being damaged by the elements or inept workers. All our movers are fully bonded, insured and trained to handle your inventory correctly.

We also ask that you tell us how you want us to move your merchandise. We will listen to you and make the necessary adjustments.

We Move Cash Registers and Office Equipment

Even though you are a retail establishment, you have office equipment. You have registers, computers, printers, time clocks and files. We are experts at moving offices from one space to another space. Fort Worth Movers asks you how you want your equipment moved. Then, we take the precautions necessary to ensure your computers, registers, printers and other office equipment arrive at the new store safely without incident. We do the extra work involved to make sure your files are kept private and moved accurately. Fort Worth Movers knows what can happen if you lose your files or if they get destroyed. You would have many headaches.

Showcases Are No Problem for Fort Worth Movers

Retail establishments have to show off their inventory in the new space. That means you need your glass cases and racks to be moved along with the merchandise. We take care of that for you. We wrap the cases and protect the glass. We make sure the racks are not going to injure workers either yours or ours. We make sure they are all counted and inventoried, so you can be assured you get the right number of cases in the new store.

What Is the Procedure?

1. Search for moving companies. You will want to get quotes from many reputable moving companies. Make sure they have the skills to move a retail store. Fort Worth Movers trains all their crews in moving retail stores. We are here to serve you. We will sit down with you and explain our services to you.
2. Speak to someone in the company. When you hire Fort Worth Movers, you will be given a representative who will work with you throughout the process. We send out an estimator who will determine the costs. The estimator will sit with you and discuss your special needs. We will ask you about the products that concern you the most and do what we can to ease your burdens.
3. Create a plan. Before moving day, you will want to work with Fort Worth Movers to create a plan of action. This will be your checklist that we recommend you follow. That way, you can be assured that your move will proceed smoothly.
4. Tell us your store layout. We know that moving a store is a challenge with many concerns, but one we don’t want you to fear is how to arrange the new store. Fort Worth Movers will sit down with you to discuss how you vision the new store’s layout will look. We will map it and create it. That way, we have an idea where we need to put things. On moving day, we will make adjustments if necessary.
5. Loading and unloading is next. If you ask us to pack your merchandise for you, we will take care of that ahead of time. Then, we will load the truck and unload on the other end. We will work with you or a company representative to protect your store’s property and to ensure the move is without problems.
6. Finish the move. When your move is completed, we don’t leave you stranded. We are available if you have questions after the move.

Call Fort Worth Movers, 682-200-2239, for all your retail moves today! We are the experts in moving retail stores.