When you are moving, you have a lot to consider. You have to choose your moving company, pack your boxes, cancel utilities and prepare for your new home or office. Fort Worth Movers is here to help you through the process. For example, we can relieve one of your stressors if we do the packing and unpacking for you.

Should I Have Movers Pack and Unpack for Me?

If you are about to move, people say all kinds of things to you. “Don’t let movers pack your boxes. They won’t take care of your personal items.” While, in some cases, this might be true, it is not the case with Fort Worth Movers. We take care with everything we pack for you. We understand that your personal items are valuable to you even if they might not appear valuable. Therefore, we respect your property and pack with care.

If you allow Fort Worth Movers to pack your belongings, you can get these advantages.

1. More time. If you don’t have to pack your belongings, you will have more time to accomplish other issues relating to moving. You can schedule the appointments you need, deal with schools if you have children, address lease or mortgage issues, keep working if you are moving an office, and avoid worrying about the move.
2. Less stress. Packing and unpacking can be daunting and overwhelming. Many people who are moving face a lot of stress about the task. They don’t know if they will finish in time or if they will have the time to do it after working 40 hours or more. If Fort Worth Movers pack, they will be able to relieve your stress. You will be assured that all will be packed in time for the loading of the truck.
3. Better training. Fort Worth Movers trains their employees on the proper packing technique. We make sure all our people know how to wrap glass to avoid breaking them and what items to put together. We also train our employees to make the boxes the right weight to follow Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations. When our customers pack themselves, they often make boxes to heavy to lift, which causes problems on both the loading and unloading.
4. Nothing lost. One misconception is that movers lose things when they pack or unpack. This is not true for Fort Worth Movers. We account for everything we pack. We inventory it and give a list to our customers. You will not lose anything if you allow us to pack your materials for you. However, if you pack yourself, you might not be as systematic. Therefore, you could leave behind something precious. Once you have left your first location, you rarely can go back to retrieve what you left.

What Should I Expect?

When you hire Fort Worth Movers, you get a representative that stays with you throughout the packing process. He or she will come to your home or business and discuss with you what you wished packed. We also ask you if there is anything that requires special handling. We make note of that.

Two or three days prior to moving day, we send a crew. The number of experienced packers varies depending on the number of rooms and cabinets you need emptied. Fort Worth Movers employees will begin emptying drawers, cabinets, closets and garage. We carefully wrap all belongings in moving paper and place them in the boxes for that section. We inventory the boxes and label them accordingly. We mark the room the box originated so we make sure it ends up in the same room when we unload. We wrap glass shelves and tables. However, for the big pieces of furniture, such as beds, we wait before doing that until moving day.

A word of caution — If you want to remove clutter and junk, you need to go through your cabinets and closets prior to our packers arriving. We will pack every item even if you don’t want it. So throw away everything you don’t want before we arrive.

Unpacking at the new location is much the same as packing, but you will have to direct us on where you want us to put things. Some customers ask us to pack for them, but they do the unpacking themselves. We work with you and develop a plan based on your needs.

Wrapping Services

Fort Worth Movers treat your property with care. We will wrap all furniture in blankets prior to putting them on the truck. We secure your furniture pieces on the truck so they don’t jostle during the move. We break down beds and reassemble them. We break down kitchen and dining room tables and reassemble them at the new location. We keep all your hardware together so we can easily find them when we need them.

We use special lamp boxes for your table lamps. We use picture boxes for your pictures. Protecting your property is our first priority. If we have to double the protection, we will do so to give you peace of mind that your furniture and belongings will arrive at the new location safely.

As you can see, we are available to help you with your move. Call Fort Worth Movers to pack, unpack and wrap your belongings for you. The number is 682-200-2239.